About Us

Adrian & McKenzie Investigators LLP is a private investigation agency in Singapore. It is a regulated entity and its licensed by the Singapore Police Force. The detectives or investigators working in the company are also individually licensed by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department.


Our private detectives have been in the investigation field since the 90s.  The company is headed by ex-SAF senior officers and will be joined by similar officers from the police force. Even experienced operatives go through regular standardization exercises to maintain the level of proficiency which allow assignments to be conducted swiftly and thereby reducing the cost.


We would strive to obtain the most suitable cost-effective equipment to enhance the quick success of any case. Apart from the state of the art equipment, detailed and proper planning would cut down on the duration of the case.


The integrity of our detectives remains one of the single most important asset of the company. We would never sit on a case without deploying manpower and charges the client for work. Our clients are never short-changed.

Keeping Cost Low

Given the experience of our detectives and their integrity, cases are completed as quickly as possible and thus achieving the lowest cost possible.

Confidentiality of Client

The identity of our client will always be kept confidential. All cases will be handed with the utmost discreet confidentiality.

Respected by law firms

Senior detectives working with Adrian & McKenzie Investigators LLP has worked with numerous law firms and are very much respected by them due to very good investigative work carried out previously.

Update of the case to client

The client would be briefed daily or weekly on the on-going case – the progress and actions taken to date. The client is assured of the most cost effective way the investigation is conducted. Video footage will be recorded in every stakeout or surveillance work and shown to the client as evidence.