Our well-trained and effective operatives will ensure that the operations are conducted expeditiously. The case managers will ensure that missions are executed at the most appropriate time and that the duration of mission is most cost effective. This may lead to lower cost of the case. Operatives are handpicked due to honesty, integrity and professionalism so that information gathered is swift and accurate and reported in written memos in every mission. It is also the culture here to record footage of the subject (s), their surroundings and whereabouts in electronic means as and when appropriate during the mission.

The charges for covert assignments start from $500. These charges depends on the difficulty and the relevant information available. In cases where the multitude of information leads to the quick determination of the subject’s situation, the charges is reasonable and lower. However, some cases may cost more due to the requirement of more operatives; or when more mission time is needed – sometimes due to the lack of current available information.

But, a free no-obligation consultation and briefing will be conducted by the case manager to the client before the commencement of the case. The quoted fees will not have any hidden cost. Before initial payment, the client may decide not to commission the job to us. In such instances, no fees will be charged to the client.