Reconciliatory Programmes

We help our clients obtain evidences of the various situations. And  sometimes, the sad truth does not mean there are no recourse for reconciliation. For example, we could recommend programmes where both spouses; family members; and employers and employees could recognize their weakness or forgiving nature. Relationships between spouses etc can improve if one can be encouraged to change one’s lifestyle and the other given the strength to forgive. Such programmes have known to change lives forever – lives worth living.

Pray, hope and don’t worry.  (Saint Pio).


One thought on “Reconciliatory Programmes

  1. Hi I need some assistance in getting background details of my wife (separated). She was earlier married in London but never disclosed.
    I called her ex husband in London & he told me that they have gone thru a divorce but she was married to someone before him as well in UK.

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